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Getting to know FlexCoach Nikki Hobin

Take a minute to get to know founding FlexCoach, Nikki Hobbin.

I have been a coach and consultant for the last 12 years, working across a broad range of businesses helping individuals, teams and organizations flourish.

2.What was your motivation to become a coach?

Two elements motivated me – first was experiencing the benefit of having a coach to guide me first hand, and secondly, the desire and drive to make a difference and help people love their career.

3.Do you have any particular areas of coaching expertise?

I am able to coach across many areas – key areas are in leadership, winning business, engaging stakeholders, confidence, communication skills, emotional intelligence, public speaking, career coaching, and personal branding to name a few.

4.What do you love most about coaching?

Helping unlock the potential in others and seeing them flourish and achieve their goals.

5.How do you define success?

The coachee defines that and when we achieve what they define as success, then we have succeeded! I suppose what I am proudest of is that without exception all my coaching work has come from referrals.

6.What is your vision for women in theworkplace?

My vision for women is the same as everyone in the workplace – enjoy what you do and strive for excellence. Do it for you and your own sense of achievement. Based on a 40-hour week you spend over 90,000 hours of your life working, so enjoy it!

What I would love is that there is bountiful opportunity and that women believe in themselves and put themselves forward more than they seem to. Know and believe in your awesomeness!

About Nikki Hobin

Nikki Hobin is the founder of Flourish.  Flourish partner with companies to develop workforce talent and leadership skills, using creativity, energy and a solutions focussed approach to successfully help teams, individuals and organisations flourish in their business environment.

Nikki is also a founding FlexCoach and FlexCareers Board Advisory Member, redefining careers by challenging convention and leading the future of talent matching and career support. Nikki has always believed more companies should have access to, and benefit from, the wealth of talent acquired through the creation of diverse teams, and she is delighted to be part of the movement to change the future of work with FlexCareers.

For the past 12 years Nikki has been a Coach, Consultant and Facilitator for clients across all industries. Her experience and accreditations are impressive but it’s her passion for seeing women excel in the workplace, her positive approach to life and her authenticity that really sets her apart. She is the author of two white papers and mum to the lovely Scarlet.

Nikki is an experienced (and amazing!) key note speaker, is EL accredited – Extraordinary Leader, and DiSC accredited.  You can connect with Nikki through FlexCareers here.

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