Flexible Working Day

#FWDay2017 – FlexBetter is not rhetoric; it’s genuinely there to be embraced

Today is the launch of Flexible Working Day, which provides us with an opportunity to celebrate and showcase how flexible working can benefit all employees and employers. Medibank’s own FlexBetter provides employees with a variety of options to help incorporate flexibility into their days. Justine Cain, Divisional General Manager of Medibank Health, actively uses FlexBetter in order to achieve...Read More »

Today is the launch of Flexible Working Day, which provides us with an opportunity to celebrate and showcase how flexible working can benefit all employees and employers. 

“FlexBetter allows me to balance all aspects of my life without the feeling of guilt and instead provides me with a sense of calm in being able to do just that.”

Justine is a passionate ambassador of FlexBetter and strongly believes that the suite of options, in addition to balance, can provide employees with peace of mind. This is something she actively promotes within her team by taking it upon herself to use it regularly.

“I proactively talk about how I FlexBetter so everyone in the team knows that it is not rhetoric but genuinely there to be embraced. I make sure to support my team in working flexibly to suit their personal circumstances.”

Justine with her Medibank Health Leadership Team.

Since the introduction of FlexBetter, Justine has been able to enhance the balance between her career and her personal life. She has been able to be there for the precious moments in her family life without sacrificing her career. Being able to have options that support us in each part of our everyday lives means that we are able to give each half the focus that they deserve.

“It’s the smile on my daughter’s face when I’m in the audience at her school concerts. It’s the complete understanding from my manager when I tell him I’m unable to take calls because I’m finishing early to do a Friday school pick up. It’s the relief in my husband’s voice when I am able to switch my start and finish times so he can travel for work.”


Big smiles all round for Justine’s little girl, having her Mum there for her big moments!

Since being able to incorporate FlexBetter into her daily life, Justine says she feels extremely confident to proudly operate as a Senior Manager who is, as passionate about her job as she is about her family life. It is this initiative by Medibank that has really made a positive impact in her life as well as others’.

“I am incredibly fortunate that Medibank allows me to embrace both work and home. Flexibility allows everyone to bring the best versions of themselves to work every day, and to have the energy and passion for maintaining a high-performance culture.”

Having flexible start and finish times; taking 6 weeks per annum to spend time with her daughter during school holidays; working as a team with her husband to share all aspects of their busy lives, whilst balancing two full-time careers; taking the time to do Friday school pick-ups; and supporting her team in their own flexible working journeys are just some of the ways that Justine utilises FlexBetter. She says that offering employees the FlexBetter suite really shows Medibank’s dedication to making a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Justine and her husband are able to work better as a team by having greater flexibility in their busy schedules.

“I love that at Medibank, we are passionately and proactively working towards improving the physical and mental health of the Australian population. With FlexBetter, I’ve been able to see improved mental well-being for so many people, including myself, and that’s an incredible thing to have in the workplace.”

This article was originally published on the Medibank blog for Flexible Working Day 2017.


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